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beatXP Marv 1.85” (4.5 cm) HD Display Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling

beatXP Marv 1.85” (4.5 cm) HD Display Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling

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  • 1.85” HD display smart watch - marv smartwatch, an advanced innovation, gives you the bigger, better picture. explore a big, rectangular display with vividly rich colors that spark your imagination. the watch has 560 nits peak brightness for extra radiance and clarity.
  • Bluetooth Calling - Marv is equipped with the most advanced EzyPair technology setup so that you can pair your smart phone with the watch almost instantly. Once you do that, you can handle all your calls from your wrist without worrying about waking your phone every other minute.
  • Charging Specifications - Marv smartwatch requires 2 hours to be fully charged Use a 3.7V to 5V adapter. Ensure you charge your smartwatch for at least 30-40 mins to get at least 20% charge.
  • The smartwatch will run uninterrupted for at least 7 days on a single charge (without heavy usage). If you use bluetooth calling, Marv will run for about 2 days.
  • Instant Notifications Alert - Marv smartwatch will keep you aware and alert about your texts, whatsapp, or any social media notification. Everything within your glance.
  • 100+ Sports Modes - Trying to stay fit and active? Well, Marv smartwatch is your fitness buddy. The smartwatch has 100+ sports modes that actively track your progress for you Jogging, trekking, swimming or a game of football? We got it all covered.
  • Health Monitoring - Marv watches over your health 24*7. With in-built smart and advanced health sensors, your core vitals like heart rate, spo2, and even your sleeping pattern is monitored. This watch helps you build a healthier lifestyle.

  • beatXP Marv 1.85” (4.5 cm) HD Display Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, AI Voice Assistance, Heart Rate, spo2, Sleep Monitoring, 100+ Sports Modes, IP68 Water Resistance (Electric Black)

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