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GFX Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Pack of 3 (40X40) by GFX

GFX Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Pack of 3 (40X40) by GFX

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GFX Premium Microfiber is used for cleaning car bikes and applications, for example, mops and cleaning cloths. Although microfiber cloth mops cost more than non-microfiber cloth mops, they can be more economical as they last longer and require less effort in using them in day-to-day life. Car lovers widely use microfiber cloth cars to perform some difficult tasks like interior cleaning, glass cleaning, and drying. Due to their fine microfiber fiber fabric that leaves no lint or dust, microfiber towels are used by car detailers and fanatics alike in a leather-like manner. Another advantage of microfiber cloth is that it can be covered with various finishes or treated with antibacterial chemicals. The fabric can be printed with a variety of designs, embroidered with colorful threads, or is summer-friendly to create an interesting look. Microfiber cloth products have a high ability to absorb oil and water. Due to the hydrogen bonding, the polyamide in the microfiber fabric absorbs and holds more water than other types of materials.

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